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Lori Richardson

B2B Growth Strategist
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3 Ways to Create a Strong, Inclusive Sales Culture

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I am passionately obsessed with sharing the career (craft) of business-to-business selling to those in college, universities, and those considering possible careers - especially for women. B2B sales is an admirable profession. It can be a flexible profession (hours / location / types of industry) and it can be a very lucrative ($$) profession. I love sales and will always be known as a seller at heart. I'm a change maker. A game changer. I've been given a lot of energy every day to do positive things, and with the support of great peers and role models, I work to do that. I help fix sales team issues - especially better hiring of sellers, and to evaluate (with data) ways to improve / shorten sales cycle sales teams. I consult / train / coach company leaders to hire more women into sales roles, and retain/ promote them. Company leaders reach out (Score More Sales) looking for help growing revenues, or fixing sales issues like people, process, and leadership. We don't consult or train until we understand data about your sales team. Hopefully you care about the data - whether reps are coachable, how they are motivated, and whether there are real qualified deals in the pipeline. We guarantee our work. Company leaders come to us (Women Sales Pros) for help finding, hiring, onboarding, and promoting great women in sales. I speak at schools (middle / high / community college / college), at associations, and around corporate America. My book, "She Sells" is available April, 2020. As a lifelong learner, I love to share the latest in what works now. Let's talk. lori@scoremoresales.com (978) 595-2045 #womensalespros #womeninsales #sales #assessment "Never confuse activity with accomplishment"

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